Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2023

We live in a world where everything is constantly changing. In the branding and designing world these changes seem to take place at a relatively faster pace than everywhere else. It is a given that designers constantly worry about their designs being well-received by their audience. The only way to beat that is by staying informed of all that is happening in the industry. We’ve been keeping an eye out. Leading brands are applying some interesting graphic designing trends to stay ahead of the competition.

We have curated a few graphic design trends that are definitely going to shape 2023. Designers, without any fear, are now taking a more innovative approach to design. Do try these trends and create your own popular designs!

1. Oh, so Gradient

If you had asked a designer about the popularity of gradient, a few years back, they would have given you a cold shrug. But no more! Gradient colours and abstracts have been popular for a few years now but they’re taking a whole new shape in 2023. Designers are experimenting with radiant gradients to churn out their amazing designs and why not? After all, gradients are visually pleasing and an easy, effective way to add magic to any design.

By kuro via Dribbble

2. AI-generated Design (Of course!) 

If it comes as a surprise to you, then, my friend, you have been living under a rock. AI tools have been shaping the world over the last decade and are now making their way to the design world. Text-to-image AI generators are making waves in the design world. By entering a prompt text, AI can give out interesting pictures, better than what you could’ve thought of. Fascinating, right? OK, worrying too! “Will designers be nudged out?’. We will let that worry us a little later.

For now let us work with the popular belief that humans with their brilliant minds in combination with AI can take the world to a new level.

Below is an AI-generated image to which the text entered was simply ‘a dog scientist’ and boom the word was done.

3. Innovative Typography

All that jazz you imagined in typography to make your design look more impressive is now possible in action. You no longer have to stick with the same old boring standardised fonts. In fact, designers all around the world are experimenting with varied depths, widths, and dimensions. Not just that, they’re also building fonts from scratch with a handwritten effect to add a different flair to the design. After all, the human touch has always been a win. So go ahead, make yours ‘one of a kind.’

4. Cartoon Stickers, whaat!?

Yes, that’s right, we said stickers. We all at some point have used physical stickers. Now, it is time to use them in your designs. From a replica of a physical sticker to an abstract cartoon-style sticker with motion, volume and fanciness, they are all in trend.

A design with some fun elements and stickers is way more attractive than a flat design right? So, sticker away!

5. Modernised Retro

If you think the retro era is finished, you are mistaken. It is not quite done yet. We are seeing a lot of retro designs with a touch of modernisation lately. Pick minimalist line art and add a cartoonish touch to it with bold colours. Pair your design with bubble font and oval borders to give it a retro look.

Now all these trends make you want to try them out right? These trends are here just to push your imagination to new heights. Remember, you’re the boss of your design. Happy designing!



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