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An Inclusive Workplace

If you’ve been around in the workplace as long as I have, which is a little over a quarter of a century, I am sure

Food: The Great Unifier

Manna from the cafes, courtesy canny employers Whether it’s the naming ceremony of a newborn, or the wake of a dear one; whether an inauguration,

Can numbers tell stories?

I hated numbers when I was young. That is until I figured out that they tell interesting stories. It was during my years in the

Indian Storytellers

From the Puranas to Mrs. Funnybones India’s tryst with stories goes back into the mists of time when stories were told but not written. I

Marketing Basics: Pitch Deck

Are you a budding entrepreneur looking for growth opportunities and not sure of how to build a winning pitch deck? Here’s all you need to

To Send or Not to Send‽‽

A perpetual question that bogs down a marketer In today’s age, almost every enterprise depends highly on its social media to run its marketing campaigns,