Marketing Basics: Explainer Video

Why your business needs it? And why it is the right solution for you?

Suppose you are researching the latest mobile phones, you will quite likely find the right product video that best explains the pros and cons of the product. Not just gadgets, even when there’s a public issue or a natural calamity we look up videos that describe or depict everything we need to know about the event. Watching a 2-minute video can give us enough facts and figures that can be remembered and shared with our friends and family. Videos that share knowledge, create awareness, and which makes us think, laugh and cry are generally known as explainer videos. 

Explainer videos are mostly used for business or sales purposes. Now, what is an explainer video in a business context? Explainer videos are those that describe or highlight the product, service or any business idea offered by the company, and convey it in the most efficient and compelling way.  

What is your objective? Do you want to find new customers? Build your brand? Then again, you may want to find the right audience and keep them engaged on your web page. Explainer videos solve your problem. These videos catch the eye of viewers with a short attention span. The captivating animations and visual effects are created to offer a clear vision about your company, product or service. But, why do you need to choose an explainer video over other forms? It is because explainer videos:

  • Are shorter than most videos
  • Break down complex ideas in a fun way
  • Reduce the bounce rate of your webpages
  • Can engage and tell compelling stories  
  • Help improve SEO rankings
  • Build trust and credibility.
  • Are highly shareable. 

Now that you know why explainer videos are better, let’s understand the various types of explainer videos. 

  • Basic 2D animation: It is one of the most popular forms of explainer videos. It has a high engaging rate. It involves simple animations of objects. It is fun to watch!
  • High-End 2D animation: It comes with a higher standard and resolution. It tells more engaging and compelling stories. 
  • Whiteboard animation: This is one of the widely used forms of explainer videos. This involves animation over a whiteboard or chalkboard. Animations of objects and texts are found.
  • 3D animation:  This type of explainer video uses representational objects and not just static pictures. It brings characters and objects to life. The visuals keep the viewers engaged. 
  • Live-action video: This type of video uses the animations of people and objects to create more engaging and appealing videos. It involves a narrator who explains the product and services offered by the company. 
  • Motion graphics video: This is an animated video. It uses the visuals that are used in infographics and representations. 
  • Stop motion video: It is a type of animated video in which the small increments of the objects are filmed frame by frame. In this video, the objects are photographed many times, each time with an adjustment in their position. When these shots are played in a sequence, it shows movement in the objects. 
  • Infographics video: This type of video delivers brief and clear details about products and services. It involves simple, clear and engaging animations.
  • Screencast video: In this type of video, everything happening on the computer screen is recorded. This is done for marketing purposes. Voice-over may also be added if needed. These types of videos explain actions in a crystal clear manner. 
  • Cutout animation video: This is a lot like the stop motion video where images and representations are used. It is quite like the puppet shows of olden times. Such videos are a lot of fun to watch!
  • Testimonial video: This features appreciation and acknowledgements from clients. In these they discuss what they liked most about the products or services offered by the company.
  • Kinetic typography video: It is a type of animation video which captures the movement of text on the screen. It is also known as “moving text” animation.

Now that you know that there are an array of explainer videos, choosing the right video as per your audience would be very crucial. Once you’ve selected the right style, you can move on to the next phases of production and post-production. After this stage, it is the time for a final check, and then, you are all set to meet your new customers and clients!

It is a fast-moving world! So short and engaging videos are the way to go!

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