Inclusive World – Revamp of Branding

Target geography


Target demography

Neurodiverse youth & family and Volunteers & Partners


Non-Profit Organisation

Employee size



San Francisco, California

The Ask

The client wanted a revamp of their branding to build brand recognition as an inclusive and diverse organisation.
  1. Client was looking to reach more communities beyond the Indian/South Asian community in the SF Bay Area
  2. The pandemic-time shutdowns had opened new opportunities online that client wanted to explore.
Client was eager to go through a brand refresh/updated branding to put their best professional foot forward with ecosystem.

How we rose to the challenge

The branding team at Clearly Blue conceptualised a brand book that encompassed IWs brand archetype and brand voice. The branding workshop we conducted was an eyeopener for IW and helped them frame a road map for more meaningful engagements with their community. We assisted with their collateral guidelines to emphasize their archetype and therefore created their brand identity and corporate deck.


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