HirePro – Branding

Target geography


Target demography

Banking, Finance, IT Services


Enterprise Recruitment

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Bangalore, India

The Ask

The client was looking to build a website that showcases its brand and clearly communicates quality information to its customers and leads so as to help them gather details about its products and services.

How we rose to the challenge

Clearly Blue started with an expansive branding workshop to establish HirePro’s brand identity. A detailed SWOT analysis helped assess the client’s current position and guided strategy for website building. The Clearly Blue team then worked with the top management of the company to finalise details such as the color palette, type of content, font, and tone of language which would tell their brand story comprehensively. Multiple brainstorming sessions helped finalise the theme for the website.


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What the customer said

“ We partnered with Clearly Blue for developing HirePro’s digital presence, starting with our website. The project, led by Account Manager Soumya Sharma and her team, involved the end-to-end process from content creation to launch. We are very happy with the outcome – the new website has been favorably received by our customers. ”

“ Clearly Blue is a reliable partner, with a team of specialists, that understands the nuances of branding and marketing, and does a great job of applying it to create market-winning digital assets. ”

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