B2B Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

B2B brands are using action-oriented omnichannel marketing strategies for greater success in 2019. With greater access to differentiated marketing channels, brands are building long-term relationships with B2B customers. 

Omnichannel marketing is one of the better ways through which B2B brands can build delightful customer relationships. It’s allowing brands to provide seamless customer experience, regardless of what platform their clients are using. 

By utilizing the power of design, copy, and core-branding, companies are looking towards omnichannel strategies to unify their acquisition approach. While data from Forrester research suggests that less than 50% of B2B brands are following omnichannel best practices, this year, there is an increasing trend towards omnichannel strategy planning, execution and/or implementation. 

Research from Accenture group shows the power of being “present where the buyer is” to create a more integrated marketing experience. Brands need to reach out to clients and buyers and have a strong presence to persuade their decision in the right direction. Omnichannel, therefore, is perfectly integrated into the domain as more companies shift online for their requirements.  

Omnichannel is a premier methodology, within the B2B marketing space, that relies on integrating the overall journey. While 66% of B2B marketers agree that multi-touch marketing is essential, omnichannel methodologies bring the entire experience together. 2019 is the year for deep omnichannel integration, with the rise of multiple acquisition channels across search, social and content. 

Data-driven marketing strategies

For a successful omnichannel marketing strategy, brands need to focus deeper into the integration of data. Data-driven marketing strategies outperform traditional approaches that work in silos. Using the power of AI and deep learning, brands can reach customers earlier in the acquisition process. 

The process of leading the digital charge is a long one, but a profitable one for B2B brands. Data from McKinsey & Co suggests that digital-first B2B brands deliver 5 times greater revenue than their traditional peers. Omnichannel marketing strategies rely on a solid integration of data into the core outreach and acquisition process. 

Focusing on deep mobile integration

One of the more effective marketing strategies to ensure omnichannel success involves the comprehensive integration of mobile experiences. B2B brands that understand the customer acquisition journey well, integrate mobile into their core marketing strategies. 

Marketing decision-makers need to map the entire customer journey and find the right touchpoints through which an integrated experience can be developed. Mobile plays a major role in that process, with some of the biggest brands in the space increasing investments into mobile omnichannel strategies. 

Maximizing the impact of technology

Having a well-embedded CRM system within the organization is one of the better ways to ensure that their omnichannel efforts are being captured. CRM systems can be designed to reach out to customers, engage with them, and capture the right amount of information at the right time. CRM systems need to be integrated holistically to maximize their impact on the omnichannel marketing strategy. 

B2B brands are increasingly using the power of AI and machine learning to create a more omnichannel experience for their customers. By using technologies such as AI data miners, chatbots, and virtual assistants, brands are offering more accessibility to customers regardless of where they log in from. 

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