User Experience Design: Customer-centricity at the Core of Success

"Simple is hard. Easy is harder. Invisible is hardest" - Jean-Louis Gassee

User Experience Design is the differentiator of a product’s success or failure.

Products and services today are designed with a key focus on the end-user experiences. User eXperience design (UX) is a methodology or tool to achieve a seamless experience for your users across all touchpoints keeping user needs and behaviour in mind. As analytics show, great UX can increase customer retention and improve loyalty numbers.

In the B2B landscape, finding the balance between great UX and a functionally rich product is a huge challenge. Even the most innovative technolog products with complex use cases end up with only average-to-good user experience design owing to the complex feature requirements of products with several dependencies upstream and downstream.

At Clearly Blue Digital, we understand the challenges of companies who focus on solving big problems and want partners who will walk with them to enhance their users’ experience with their product.

Achieving Success Through Maniacal User Centricity

Clearly Blue’s designers co-engage with our clients to understand users’ pain points and define the problem statements. UX-specific exercises such as ideation and scoring along with empathy exercises, ethnography and customer insight interviews are employed to kickstart the effort.

The design cycle consists of information architecture, prototyping, modeling/visual design and other pre-requisite stages. Our content heritage comes into play at this stage and we pay great attention to something many ignore – content strategy Content audit, categorisation,planning and creation, and channel identification are part of our comprehensive content strategy.

We are deeply involved in the implementation stage, intensively testing and tweaking the end product that will be shipped out, ensuring we bat for the user till the last page goes live and the last image is uploaded.

We’re data-driven, we use design thinking, we worship Steve Jobs and yes, we can talk UX keywords till the cows come home. But the only way you’ll know if we’ll get the job done is when you engage with us!

Talk to us to understand why great empathy for the user underwrites great UX. Let’s start working on your conversations with your users.