How WeWork is Mastering the Art of Instagram Marketing

How WeWork is Mastering the Art of Instagram Marketing

Let’s face it. Instagram is the most interesting social media app of them all. No wonder 92% of influencers prefer it as their No.1 marketing platform (Nielsen’s latest Global Trust in Advertising report). But here’s the catch – it’s not as straightforward as Facebook or Twitter, where you can simply share relevant content about your industry and expect clicks back.


Instagram requires patience and creativity. It won’t translate right away into sales and conversions. But having an established identity for your business means more followers, which ultimately translates to more customers.

When WeWork started in 2011, it had just two buildings. Now, in just 8 years, We Work has become the 6th most valuable startup in the world.

WeWork has recognised the importance of Instagram as the channel’s visual quality makes it a perfect vehicle for the company’s brand. The company uses its Instagram page to showcase its offices around the world.  

I mean, seriously, just look at the WeWork Instagram page! Who wouldn’t want to work here? With over 407k followers on Instagram and active engagements flocking over to its feeds daily, We Work’s Instagram strategy is simple – it focuses on “we” instead of “me”. Let’s dive further into how it has mastered the art of Instagram marketing and what we can learn from WeWork.


#1 Work around your brand’s values

WeWork follows the mantra “Make a life, not just a living” and it makes sure its content involves exactly that. When you head over to the company’s page, you can see that the posts are about things which revolve around its goals and brand values. WeWork stays true to its brand by posting about things that it believes in and which it knows will empower its target audience as well. When you’re lost thinking about what to post, you can use your brand’s core values as a starting point to generate new content. This not only keeps your page alive but also helps maintain your identity through images and videos.


#2 Turn the camera around

WeWork constantly updates its Instagram page with photos of its employees, workspaces, company field trips, etc. One way to showcase yourself to other businesses is by showing them what life is like in your office space. We’re all humans; even your potential B2B customers are humans, and no one wants to see images of simple, plain old graphics and texts in this century. Instagram gives you an opportunity to give your brand a personality and show your unique company culture.

With Instagram no longer in everyone’s favourite chronological order, cracking the strategy code is a lot harder than it looks. You need to look out for fresh, engaging ways to personify your identity through engaging photos and videos.


#3 Tell a story

When WeWork started opening offices in India, its Instagram stories comprised pujas and other ceremonial activities celebrating the launches. Just look at the amazing short and crisp storytelling techniques used here!


At its core, social media is all about storytelling. There’s no denying that stories are an integral part of marketing and hey help you generate more engagements. Instagram launched Stories in 2018 and it quickly became a favorite among users and opened up new opportunities for marketers. Who knew a 24-hour window story could generate huge engagements! You can also make use of the latest “Swipe Up” CTA feature (if you have over 10k followers) on Instagram stories for more clicks and visits to your website.


#4 Create your content strategy

The current algorithm strategy is mainly based on engagements – this includes the number of likes, comments, saves, messages, shared posts and any other interactions a post gets. Higher numbers signal to Instagram that your content is interesting enough to be shown on people’s feeds.

Instagram’s Tumblr post reads

The order of photos and videos in your feed will be based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post. As we begin, we’re focusing on optimizing the order — all the posts will still be there, just in a different order.”

A study by Statisca has revealed that location tagging increases engagement per post.


WeWork continually tags the locations of where its posts were taken. This enables people searching for that location to see its posts as well.

Another strategy which WeWork uses is posting 2-3 posts a day (mostly 2). This ensures that even though one of its posts gets missed, the other might well pop up in people’s feeds. But, the most significant thing that you can do is craft quality content that will authentically resonate with your followers.


#5 Collaborate with influencers

Working with influencers goes a long way in promoting your brand, hands down. Influencer marketing has become an integral part of successful marketing campaigns. People are most likely to trust the recommendations of people they know. Read more about influencer marketing for your B2B business here.

WeWork continually works with influencers and tags them in its posts and stories, integrating each other’s audiences. A new trend at the moment is making influencers take over your Instagram stories for the day. WeWork has been quick to catch up on this trend by partnering with influencers around the world to take over its stories.

WeWork’s strategies for Instagram work because they incorporate all the latest developments of the algorithm into the posts. It also focuses more on engaging with the audience rather than talking about itself in every post.

Your page won’t grow overnight – you need to constantly research the changes that Instagram brings and how to get the best out of them. If you have more ideas on how to build your Instagram page, feel free to drop in your comments.


Medono Zhasa
Medono Zhasa
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