Cutting edge GTM collateral in a jiffy

Overwhelmed with insane quotes from large agencies for pieces of content that you can easily get done if you sat down...and just did it?! Have you tried putting decks together with freelancers and got frustrated? We hear you!

Devising a world class marketing strategy that puts you on the map with your customers, buyers and users is among the topmost priorities for start-up co-founders and marketers. However, with limited resources and time, this tends to be a bigger challenge than it should be.

To make this easier, Clearly Blue has removed the mystery behind all the insanity and designed specialised packages for startups. These packages consist of our most popular and sought after services by many B2B technology companies.

These packages provide just-in-time solutions for startup marketing needs. They are carefully designed and priced to ensure we provide startups with the fundamental assets that kick-start the core of your marketing activities.

Clear Essentials for Startups

The Clear 15-Day Promise

Looking to clean up your collateral before the big product launch or investor pitch? Perhaps you have an important prospect you’re flying abroad to present to?

We have a well-oiled process to ask you the right questions, get all the information we need and turn around most assets within 2 weeks. They will put you right in front of your stakeholders to help you build your brand and accelerate customer acquisition.

Start your marketing right, the Clearly Blue way!

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Contact us for details and to get started right away. We can also help you with product data sheets, white papers, reports, guides, e-books and other techno-marketing collateral.